Why I am launching Law & Blockchain

And how it could bring value to 4 distinct audiences.

Legal challenges in a rising industry

During my LLM in International Business Law at Tilburg University, I started to become aware of both the potential and the legal challenges of DLT. With the exception of the internet before it, there has never been a new technology that challenged our legal frameworks to such an extend.

  • News: A collection of news on law & blockchain from a variety of sources.
  • Blog: My personal insights on issues related to law & blockchain.
  • Research: A collection of all publically available academic research.
  • Blockchain 101: Informative guide about the basics of DLT

Who is Law & Blockchain for?

Of course, the website is interesting for everyone that shares my enthusiasm. Still, there are four groups in particular that we should distinguish:

1. The ‘Crypto Industry’

There are many misconceptions in crypto. Most notably, the ideas that law does not apply in the space or alternatively, that law is simply not needed. While the law may be dull and the technology exciting, the impact of the law cannot be simply wished away. Likewise, the fact that something is distributed or automated, does not mean that risks suddenly vanish.

2. Regulators

To properly regulate a highly technical space with the potential to disrupt many industries, regulators need to be well-informed. They need to be aware of the potential in the first place and give innovation room to ‘do its thing’.

3. Academics

Doctrinal research has a great role to play in thinking of the possible applications, risks and future challenges of DLT. Sadly, many tend to dismiss the influence of academics on the space, even though the concept of cryptocurrencies itself was built from forgotten ideas in research literature.

4. Lawyers

Finally, it is clear that cases involving DLT will increasingly come in contact with our traditional legal system. As such, lawyers should be aware of how to apply relevant legislation. Not only will we see private litigation relating to DLT, law firms will increasingly be asked to provide legal advice relating to both permissionless and permissioned ledgers.

My personal goals

Of course, not all is altruistic. By actively contributing in the community and sharing my insights, I will train myself to think critically about the challenges between the law and blockchain technologies. Eventually, the goal is to profile myself as a knowledgeable source on the subject. In the long run, this is a space that I am passionate about and want to work in.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” — Confucius



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Thijs Maas

Interested in the challenges between blockchains and the law — founder of www.onramper.com and editor of www.lawandblockchain.eu